Le Jardin des Olfacties


The Jardin des Olfacties is a scented wonderland, where 3500 types of flowers and plants are spread out over a “chamber of perfumes” stirring up a sensational bouquet of emotions throughout your visit. Enjoy a two-hour stroll through our five-hectare garden.
At nightfall, floodlightings turn lawns, lanes and plants of the garden into wonderful paintings.
As you walk along the paths animated by music, plays of lights and shadows, you will experience the magic of a summernight in the Jardin des Olfacties.
Come and play with Craquou the Squirrel…
With a new game grid in hand, all children visiting the garden will help Craquou to stock up with food for winter. A prize will be given at the end of the game.

place de l'Eglise
Phone : +33 2 28 10 32 32


GPS coordinates
Latitude : 46.67003
Longitude : -1.82825