• Welcome booklet in English
  • Welcome booklet in English-Campsite La Yole
  • Audio guides : Le Daviaud
  • Audio guides : Le Daviaud
English information meetings
- Campsite Les Amiaux

Specific equipments available to discover a site of visit:
- Audio guides in English (high-quality translation) : Le Daviaud
- At the end of the outdoor visit “3D explorer”, a notebook in English is sent by email as a memory : Biotopia

Booklet given to each staff member with vocabulary related to welcoming visitors, the discovery of the activity, practical information, safety instructions
- Explora Parc (treetop adventure course)

Guided tour in English and German
- Canoes La Route du Sel Bilingual guide
- Golf Bilingual teacher

Safety instructions explained in English and German
- Canoes La Route du Sel