Wherever you see the "C'est Beau Ici" sign, pop in and say "bonjour" to the team in the local tourist office or at the hotel reception desk. You will find an English speaking person and helpful staff! You’ll find friendly faces, waiting to share their passion for the area and to give you all the advice you need to make your holiday a real success. They will speak to you in English, give you information in English and even help you with problems that are not necessarily related to tourism like your health, your car and communicating in French!​
Welcome to Vendée

Here is what you will find when visiting the tourism professionals engaged in the label:

- A warm welcome in English
- Lexicon English / French
- Help in case of problems not necessarily related to tourism
- Documents available in English among which the brochure “Welcome to Vendée” in which you can particularly find all the places offering you a special welcome in English and/or information about the structure in English

In our Tourist Offices: 

- List of services offered in English
- Free wifi
- An adviser able to help you if you need help or information
- Website translated in English
- A specific welcome gesture will be offered to our British friends… surprise!

Specifically in restaurants: 

- Local products favoured / highlighting of local gastronomy
- Advice on meals and wines in English

In sites of visit and activities: 

- Guided tours or materials in English
- Safety instructions in English